Opportunity knocks – then life happens

I decided a while ago that whenever I heard opportunity knocking, I was going to answer the door and choose the path of adventure. I had spent too many of my years living the life of monotony and routine.

Back in late October I packed everything up and headed down here to Florida. I was promised a place to live and a job, my dream job, for at least a year. Unfortunately (or fortunately – I haven’t quite figured that out yet) that job didn’t last. Even though I was promised employment and a place to live for at least a year, after just one full month of doing event photography I was told that the company could no longer afford a full time photographer. I have my suspicions as to whether or not there was something else going on there. All I know is that I was doing exactly what we had discussed; taking photos of different events and getting them onto the website in a very timely manner.

So just a short time before Thanksgiving last year I was notified that at the end of November, I would no longer have a job there. I was heartbroken by the thought of having to return to Indiana so soon after this new journey had began. I immediately started looking for other jobs in the area and submitting my applications and resume to several different places who claimed to be hiring. After a couple weeks of rejection letters and/or emails, I was quickly beginning to worry about my future in Florida.

I prayed about it every single night. Not asking for anything specific, just wanting some guidance and patience to survive this latest storm to hit my life. About a week later one of my good friends and I were talking and I was telling him about what was going on. He agreed to let me move in with him until I could find something more permanent. So, on December 10th, I moved from North Ft. Myers to Naples.

I spent the next few weeks filling out job applications and submitting my resume to just about every single place that had a listing on all of the online job boards. After about 70 applications, I finally landed an interview. The interview went well, but ultimately I didn’t get that job. I was kind of depressed by not getting the job. But looking back on it now, I’m glad I didn’t get that job. It wasn’t the right one for me. Looks like God was looking out for me once again!

Fast forward a couple months. I got an email from Dick’s Sporting Goods saying they were interested in interviewing me for one of their new stores that is getting ready to open in Ft. Myers. I had applied there early on in my job search and the new Ft. Myers store would have been just a short drive for me from my former residence. I walked into that interview completely prepared and as a result, I was hired on the spot! Not only was I hired, but I was also hired for a position at a store that was closer to where I currently live, in a store that is already open and operational!

Here’s to new opportunities! So far I absolutely love my position as Lodge Associate with Dick’s Sporting Goods. All of the people I’ve met so far at work have been incredibly encouraging and helpful with making me as successful in this business as I want to be. I go into work every day with a huge smile on my face knowing that I get to work with things I’m passionate about and I get to talk to people who are just as passionate as I am about these things. I’ve already met several new people because of this opportunity at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and I don’t see that slowing down any time soon. With the growth of the company, there is a huge potential for advancement as well. Something I’ve been looking for in a job since my days with the Sheriff’s Office back in Indiana.

If you’re ever in Southwest Florida and find yourself shopping at the Gulf Coast Town Center, stop in and say “hey”!


About John Shue

Just a normal guy in pursuit of happiness.
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