Flappy Bird – That Dang Bird!

Flappy Bird 1Flappy Bird. The game that was at the top of the App Store for awhile before its developer pulled it due to wanting some privacy. I downloaded it after seeing a few friends post their high scores on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I had some time to pass since I was unemployed and didn’t have anything better to do from time to time. I’m not ashamed to admit that this was largely a “toilet game” for me. That is, whenever I was taking care of business, to entertain myself, I’d play a round or six of Flappy Bird. Sometimes that ended up lengthening my restroom sessions; but not to the point where my legs would go numb like some of my friends admitted happened to them!


Anyway, I quickly became addicted to this game. It’s quite easy to do once you start playing. The premise of the game is quite simple; tap the screen of your device to make the bird flap his wings in order to change his altitude while dodging green pipes (which are VERY reminiscent of the classic Mario Brothers games.) If you can get good at that, you can achieve some really high scores. Otherwise you end up with a bird that face-plants the ground much like this:
Flappy Bird 2After several failed attempts, I finally reached a high score of three. That’s right, THREE! I had seen several of my friends post pictures showing their scores well into the hundreds. There were other pictures posted of people achieving 999,999. I figured there was no way they actually achieved those scores and after a bit of research I discovered that they were actually cheaters. If you find yourself compelled to cheat at a game, especially a game like Flappy Bird, you should just go ahead and throw your device away. There’s no sense in cheating. It takes away all the appeal of the game in the first place.

Flappy Bird 3About a week after downloading this addicting little game I finally broke the 100 barrier. To date, my high score remains at 104. I haven’t played in a few days. I’m not sure I will even open the app back up now. I set a goal of getting at least 100 and I surpassed that. I have been tempted a few times to compete against some of my friends who have higher scores. But then I realized that they must not really have much of a life. (Just kidding, I completely understand and appreciate the addiction!)

After I posted my high score to my Facebook page, one of my friends suggested I download a game called Ironpants. That game is even more difficult than this one. I wouldn’t expect to see a write-up of that game. I stopped after my high score of three on Ironpants!



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