Another amazing weekend!

I had an AMAZING weekend!

You read that right. This is the third weekend in a row where I have been fortunate enough to spend time making memories and living life in the pursuit of my happiness, just as everyone should!


Zoo polar bearThe weekend started out early for me. Miss Rebecca asked me if I would like to embark on an adventurous weekend with her, and of course I accepted! Friday morning we headed to the Indianapolis Zoo with her two daughters. The weather was beautiful for such a trip! We got to the zoo in time for most of the animals to be pretty active – as active as zoo animals get anyway. Here you see the polar bear catching some rays.

Zoo Becca and girlsWe walked around the zoo for awhile, taking breaks occasionally. During one of the breaks we decided it was a great time for a photo op! I took a picture of Rebecca and her two daughters, Katelyn and Hannah. Then Katelyn took a picture of Rebecca and me.

Zoo Becca and me





After our break we walked around some more, taking in the sights, checking out the animals, and Hannah even got to pet a shark! The little ladies began to get tired so we decided it was time to make our way back to the car. As we headed home they fueled up on some tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwiches Rebecca made earlier that morning. Once we got back to town I had to leave the three ladies. I was selling my television to my buddy, Chris later in the day.

Once Chris got home I headed over to his house. I got to meet Chris’ wife, Fuatino, and their two dogs. Chris and I unloaded the television and he asked if I would like a beer. He said he just stopped by Sun King, a local Indianapolis brewery, and picked up some Wee Mac, Osiris, and a couple other brews. He also got his hands on a couple of sweet Sun King pint glasses.

We enjoyed a couple glasses of beer while talking about things guys talk about. Chris said he might have a career opportunity for me, so we’re going to see where that leads (I’ll be sure to keep everyone in the loop on that.) While we were talking about things, I got to meet his four kids as well as some of the neighbor kids. We walked over to one of his neighbors’ houses and set up a fire pit to roast some s’mores.

After going on a beer run, and Chris buying some Budweiser Straw-Ber-Ritas, we returned to the fire pit and enjoyed some more male bonding time. The kids were all running around, playing, being kids. While they were doing that, Chris kept reminding them to look both ways when crossing the street. It’s a GREAT thing he did. At one point in the evening there was a semi that came rolling through the neighborhood at about 40mph (in a 20mph zone with kids playing!) Chris called the authorities and they eventually sent a police officer out to the area to check for speeding vehicles. Seriously people, it’s purely a residential area with children playing – slow down!

Several hours later and after some bratwursts and finishing off several growlers of Sun King’s finest brews, we decided to call it an evening. After all, this was still just the beginning of what was shaping up to be one of the best weekends in a while!


I picked Rebecca up Saturday afternoon and we had a couple of choices of what to do. We decided to visit the canal in downtown Indianapolis and do a little people watching. I couldn’t think of a much better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The weather was perfect, the company was amazing, and the canal never disappoints for a little people watching.

Canal turtlesBefore we walked the canal, we decided to walk across the bridge, just to talk and see what we could see. Looking over the edge of the bridge we saw a large pile of logs and sticks with about 40 turtles taking the opportunity to get in a little sun bathing. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen so many turtles in one spot like that before. All sharing a log; some coming and some going.

Canal weddingAfter checking out the turtle hangout, we walked down to the canal to start our people watching. We found a nice bench to sit on and we saw several interesting characters. There was a kid riding a skateboard who had to literally hold his pants up to prevent them from falling down, several families walking the canal together, and a few different wedding parties. The weather was awesome for a wedding and the canal is a perfect location for such an event!

Canal Creation CafeRebecca and I walked the entire length of the canal and decided to stop in at Creation Cafe for an afternoon snack. We wanted to sit at the outdoor patio so we could continue our people watching while we ate. We had some delicious chips, salsa, and guacamole as well as some shredded pork Jibarito Sliders. If you find yourself downtown, you should definitely stop in here for something to eat!

While we were enjoying our snack, we saw some ladies shooting, what appeared to be, some sort of music video next to the canal. At least I hope that’s what they were doing!

Canal video shootWe finished eating our snack and started walking back towards the truck. During our walk back we decided to sit down on another bench and do a little more people watching since the canal is one of the best locations ever to do such a thing! We saw several more interesting characters and several more families out enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Canal Becca and meWe headed back home after a great time at the canal. We needed to make a run to the grocery store to pick up a few items for our evening. It was time to have another fire so we could roast some hotdogs!

FishingAfter procuring our provisions for the evening, but before we started the fire, we thought it would be a perfect time to get in a little fishing. Rebecca’s sister, Kylea, went with us down to the pond near their house. It was a beautiful evening and even if we didn’t catch anything, it would have been a great use of time; always making memories! Luckily for us, the fish were hungry. And it just so happened that we had exactly what they were hungry for – hotdogs and bread! These fish are clearly ‘Merican fish! I don’t know an American who doesn’t like hotdogs on a Saturday evening in the springtime!

Fishing Kylea's catchKylea was the first to catch a fish. A little baby crappie. We got that little guy off her hook and back in the water so he could grow up a bit. I caught a small bluegill and released him back to his home. A short time later, while watching Rebecca try to catch a fish, I heard some serious splashing going on. I looked over and Kylea had caught a good sized crappie this time! We got him back into the pond and decided it was about time to head back up to the house to start our fire so we could roast some hotdogs! Total fish count: Kylea – 2, John – 1, Rebecca – 0. Next time, Rebecca, you have to catch at least four or five to make up for not catching any this time. 🙂

Fire hotdogIt was about time to start a fire but the only wood we had was some kindling Kylea bought last time we made s’mores. Kylea made a run to the store to pick up some wood while Rebecca got things going with the kindling. The fire turned out perfectly and Rebecca whipped us up some rather delicious hotdogs. There’s just something about a blackened hotdog that was roasted over an open flame that really hits the spot on a warm spring evening! Wash it down with an ice cold beer and you really just can’t beat it.

Fire fireworksThis wasn’t just any regular night though. It seems one of the neighbors had gotten their hands on some celebratory fireworks and decided to test them out. So lets recap real quick, shall we? We had a great time at the zoo on Friday. Then Saturday was FULL of activities. We visited the canal downtown, grabbed a snack at Creation Cafe, did some people watching, went fishing, cooked hotdogs over an open fire, then we were treated to a fireworks display! After all that, it was time to turn in for the evening. We still had one day of our weekend left – Sunday!


PancakesEven though we had been up late on Saturday night, we still managed to wake up, without an alarm, around 6:30am on Sunday. Why on earth were we up so early? Who knows. The sun was already shining and the day promised to be a good one! I had picked up a fresh new jar of peanut butter and a bottle of syrup because Rebecca said she was going to make us pancakes for breakfast. Pancakes, as you may or may not know, are my most favorite breakfast food EVER! Spread some peanut butter over the top of them, then drizzle some hot syrup on top of that, and what you have there folks, is pretty close to heaven on a plate!

After breakfast with Rebecca, I had to go home to get caught up on a couple loads of laundry and take a nap. We were going to the Zac Brown Band concert later that afternoon/evening, so I wanted to be well rested! I also remembered to backup my iPhone and dump all the pictures from it onto my computer. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had enough room to take any pictures at the concert. And if you know me, you know I’m a big fan of taking pictures (as you can see here in this blog!)

So after doing laundry, taking a nap, dumping the pictures from my phone, and taking a shower, I met up with my buddy, Johnathon. He was going to go to the concert with us too, but he wanted to drive separately. He and I drove down to pick up Rebecca and Kylea, who had already picked up some munchies for us to eat while we were tailgating. We decided to stop by McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat before going to Klipsh Music Center – where our fun would really begin!

Concert Becca and meWe got to Klipsh around 4:30pm or so and got a pretty good parking spot. It started to sprinkle on us a little bit when we first got there, but we weren’t going to let that stop us from having fun. Johnathon didn’t have his ticket yet, so he and I walked up to the box office to get him one. After securing his ticket, we went back to the truck to partake in the tailgating festivities (which included drinking beer that was FAR less expensive than the ones they sell there!) It sprinkled off and on during our tailgating, but it wasn’t anything too bad.

It was time for us to head up to the gates to get our spot on the lawn. I like sitting in this one certain spot. It’s near the beer house as well as the restrooms and it has a decent view of the stage. It’s also near a walkway, so you don’t have to fight through crowds of people to try to get anywhere. It was time for the show to start!


Zac Brown and his band definitely didn’t disappoint! It was a great show that included them playing many of their songs as well as some Led Zeppelin and some Metallica! The heavy rain held off until after the concert was over. Once the pavilion lights came on, it was like the skies opened up on us! We got completely soaked walking back to the truck. We parked in the regular parking area, and it always takes a while to get out of the venue because of all the traffic, but we made the best of it. While I was attempting to get out of my parking spot, some a-hole decided he wasn’t going to have common courtesy. You know, the common courtesy of shuffling cars, every other car gets to go in an alternating pattern. Nope. Not this guy! He was in such a HUGE hurry to go nowhere!

We finally made our way out of the venue and onto the open road. The only problem with that was – it was pouring rain. Visibility was reduced to almost nothing there for a while. Luckily I was on a familiar road so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

All in all, it was one of the best weekends I have had in quite some time. I’ll take every opportunity that is presented to me to make memories with great friends. The way things have been going lately, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the summer, and beyond, has in store for me!


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