Camp Broseph – A much needed weekend getaway.

I’d like to start this out with an apology. I haven’t written anything on here in a while. There have been some crazy events take place in my life and it’s taken me away from writing. I’m hoping this dry spell is over because writing is one of my many passions. With that said, I’m sorry, and I hope it never happens again. So, without delaying any longer, I’d like to share with you my awesome weekend!

This past Thursday, my bro, Chris, asked if I would like to head south to his parent’s lake house for a weekend getaway. A weekend filled with fishing, eating, drinking, and broing. I, of course, said “ABSOLUTELY!” So it was set, we made plans to get away from every day life for the weekend and just relax.

Saturday morning rolls around and Chris came over and picked me up and we were headed to the lake! Our road trip conversations have to be omitted from my blog because, well, their bro exclusive type things we discussed. Just take my word that we engaged in some solid bro-esque conversations.

Once we got near our destination, we drove past a rather serious motor vehicle accident. There were a couple of vehicles involved, one of which was a pickup truck that was inverted. As we were driving past it we saw a body bag laying outside of the truck that was on it’s top. Such a sad sight to see and I pray for everyone involved.

It wasn’t long after seeing the accident that we arrived at our destination – “Camp Broseph” is what we dubbed it for the weekend. Once we got there, we discovered that the power was out. Undoubtedly it was directly related to the accident we had driven past. Chris and I took that opportunity to set up the poles we were going to use to catch our fish. We walked everything down to the dock and got things situated for us to spend several hours there in hopes to catch lots of fish. It was sprinkling at that point but we were prepared to fish regardless of the weather.

Fishing vista

We started fishing and Chris went 4-for-5 right off the bat! At that point we thought it was going to be a great day for fishing, considering his cast to catch rate. I, on the other hand, wasn’t doing so great. I wasn’t going to let that discourage me though because even if I didn’t catch a single fish, I was still going to have a great weekend hanging out with a great friend!

After fishing for a little while, we were called back up to the house. Chris’ mom, Susy, and step-dad, Bruce, were there and Bruce had fixed up a batch of biscuits and gravy once the power was restored. Bruce claims they weren’t his best batch ever, but they were delicious. I’m going to have to see about having him whip up some more next time we’re down there!

Large mouth bassOnce we were refueled by breakfast it was time for some more fishing. It seems that Bruce’s b’s & g’s were helping me out. I started catching fish at that point. Even this little fella here. He was just a baby large mouth bass. As you can see from the picture, he was a bit of an attention whore. I took his photo and sent him on his way to grow up a little. We’ll be back in July to try to catch him again! After tossing him back, Chris and I each caught a few more fish. We shared a few more stories, bro’d some more, and just soaked up the views, sights, and sounds while standing there on the dock. I was hoping to see the Bald Eagles out flying around, but we didn’t see them the entire weekend.

We fished for a few hours, until we hit a dry spell. Once we didn’t catch anything for a while we decided to run to town to pick up a few provisions. Chris wanted to buy a filet knife to filet our catch and we also needed to run by the gun shop to see if they had any goodies in stock. We left Camp Broseph and headed to the bait and tackle shop to see if we could get something that would help us catch boatloads of crappie. We wanted to try and catch as many pan fish as we could so we could have a whole mess of them to fry up.

We arrived at this little shop and looked around at everything they had. Chris asked one of the employees there what would be our best bet for catching crappies. The guy said undoubtedly, the best bait would be minnows. He assured us that several people from the area who fished that lake were coming in and buying minnows and having great success. Chris bought a few dozen minnows and then we headed to the gun shop.

After perusing the guns and ammo at the gun shop, Chris bought a few items and we were off to Walmart to get a filet knife. We were also going to pick up some vegetable oil and some breading to fry up the fish, but we forgot about that stuff.

At Walmart, I felt a little out of place. I wasn’t wearing a single piece of clothing that was camouflage and it seemed like every single person in that store was wearing a camo shirt, pants, or a hat! Note: next time I go down there, in July, I must wear something camo! Chris picked out his filet knife and we headed back to the lake!

Chris and I were both pretty excited to try out these minnows that the gentleman at the bait shop assured us would work like a charm. We rigged up a couple of poles with bobbers and hooks, baited them up with minnows, and cast them out. It was pretty windy, which made it kind of difficult to tell when something was messing with the bait. Not to mention the fact that our bobbers kept getting pushed several hundred feet back into the bank every few minutes. We changed out our bobbers to some that were a little easier to see, but that didn’t really seem to help much.

Nothing was hitting the minnows. NOTHING. No crappie, no bass, nothing. We were basically just killing the bait and killing time. We took that opportunity to hydrate ourselves with some icy cold brews and share some more stories. It started getting later in the day, and we were going to a party that evening. We decided to go back to artificial bait to see if we could add any more fish to our collection. Chris and I each caught a fish that I think we can all agree – are pretty freaking amazing!

Chris and me with trophy fishWe released those so they can get bigger. After all, we will be needing some big ones to catch when we go back in a couple months! It wasn’t too much longer and we decided that it was probably time to start cleaning the fish we did catch so we could make it to the party. We were already going to be fashionably late to the party, but that’s how bros roll. Chris wanted to use his new filet knife and practice his fileting skills. Here are some of the ones we caught:

Fresh catchChris finished fileting the 10 fish we ended up keeping and then we got cleaned up a little bit. Susy and Bruce had already made their way to the party at that point. Chris asked me if I wanted to walk all the way around, or take the shortcut that may require us getting soaking wet and muddy. As we were about to attend a party, where the attendees would all be clean and most likely proper, I told him I thought we should walk around the long way. He had other plans for us though. We ended up taking the shortcut. Down the dock, under some brush on a single railroad tie that was just inches above the water and surrounded by pure mud, then through some more brush that was sitting on top of pure mud and water (quite possibly snake infested) and up a rather steep embankment.

We popped up at the party just this side of the cornhole boards that were being played on. The look on the gentleman’s face as he saw us emerge from the mucky depths was priceless. We introduced ourselves to him and then made our way over to the party tent. There was a live band playing, lots of people mingling, and plenty of food set out. Chris introduced me to a few people as we made our plates of food, and although I forget everyone’s names, I still had a good time.

Chris and I challenged Susy and Bruce to a game of cornhole; a rematch from the get together at Chris’ house just a couple weeks prior. We ended up playing a best two out of three series with Susy and another lady that was at the party (I never got her name). We decided in the spirit of fairness, Chris and I should be on opposite teams. Chris teamed up with his mom, and I with the other lady. After a few great games of cornhole and darkness falling upon us, Chris and Susy were the victors – barely!

After some more mingling we decided to go inside and watch the last half of the Pacers versus Heat game. I’m not a huge fan of basketball, but of course I like to see the home team win. The Pacers pulled out a win over the Heat. Good luck to them in Miami for game seven!

At that point in the evening I had already been up for several hours and on very little sleep. Chris and I returned to Camp Broseph to turn in for the night. We cleaned up the dock a little bit and sat down on the bench. The sky was remarkably clear and you could see every single constellation in the sky! We sat there for a while and talked about life as we watched for activity among the stars. We didn’t see any intergalactic explosions or anything of that nature, but we did see several satellites high above us, just orbiting around the earth like they do. Chris went inside and I sat there for a bit longer, thinking about things (look for another blog entry later about that!)

Guest basketThere were some clouds that began rolling in and as they became thicker I could no longer see the stars. At that point I decided that I, too, should call it a night. I went inside and Chris directed me to the room in which I was staying. I sat my bag down and changed into my jammies. I looked at the bed and what do I see? A basket filled with all kinds of goodies. Susy had put together this guest basket for me! Such amazing hospitality! I felt like I was in a five star resort for the evening! Thanks again, Susy! We’re family now, so you’re no longer just Susy – you’re Mom!


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  1. There you are! When I hadn’t seen a post from you I thought maybe I had been blocked somehow! Welcome back!

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