Why’d they have to die/ It’s about time that person died – Memorable Movie Deaths

Let There Be Movies


For some reason…(I had just watched the season finally of The Walking Dead) I was thinking about memorable death scenes. Then while I was thinking of other movies/TV shows,  it occurred to me that this topic would make for an interesting list.

Death scenes are often memorable, they invoke all sorts of emotions. Sometimes they cause us to be sad or angry or just confused. At times they are expected , but at other times they are shocking. Then there are the times  when they don’t come soon enough. Several years ago, while travelling for work, I decided to rent “Bridge to Terabithia”. When I made it to the part in the movie where they reveal that Leslie had died, I ‘almost’ cried(note the word almost). After I suppressed the sadness, my next thoughts involved finding the author and punching her in the face. So like I said, all sorts of emotions.

So without…

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