The perfect woman for me – my unicorn.

I recently wrote a multiple post piece about “decoding women” in an attempt to outline women’s thought processes. I think I accurately described several different classifications of women and I then tied them all together with a pretty little bow. I can only surmise that I was spot on with my descriptions based on the feedback I received from men and women alike.

Now I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about the perfect lady for me. The elusive unicorn. The one that everyone talks about when they say there is someone out there for everyone. Perhaps I’ve already met her? Perhaps I’m already even friends with her? I guess ultimately time will tell. Until then, let me get down to it and describe her to you.

I don’t really have a “type” per se, but I do have some things in mind that I would like. My ideal lady would be someone who, first and foremost, always maintains her own identity. She wouldn’t try to like everything I like or do everything I do just because it’s something I like or something I do. I don’t want someone in my life who is going to be a carbon copy of me. That just seems like it would be entirely too boring after a while.

She would be strong willed and form her own opinions on things. This goes back to the “pack mentality” that I described in my post; Decoding Women: Tying it all together. I don’t want someone who is so weak that she’ll succumb to the opinions of others and allow that to affect her decisions; especially with our relationship.

She can’t currently be a smoker or an illegal drug user; those are complete deal-breakers for me; my two bug-a-boos. It is ok if she loves Oreos though.

She needn’t run a six minute mile, but I would like someone who is relatively active who would enjoy doing things with me like going for an evening jog. Even if she doesn’t want to run with me, I would like for her to at least go hang out with me and my friends at these obstacle course races I go to.

She would be able to fit into my shirts because there isn’t anything sexier than a lady wearing one of her man’s old t-shirts while lounging on the couch with him watching movies! Speaking of lounging around watching movies; I’m a sucker for a lady in yoga pants and I love ponytails! Those are perfect for lounging conditions. As for the movies, I love a good comedy. Nearly anything with Will Ferrell in it, I’m going to like. ‘Step Brothers’ is one of my favorite movies and I quote it quite often. It would be great if she would at least get when I’m quoting movies; even better would be if she could quote them back to me!

I love all kinds of music, so as long as she wasn’t an extreme Taylor Swift fan, we would get along just fine on long car rides across country. She would also need to have a great sense of humor, being able to laugh at herself just as much as she would laugh at me. Her smile would be infections, causing me to smile even when I don’t feel like smiling, simply because of the radiant beauty.

She would be completely supportive of me and any ventures I might embark upon. Unless of course it’s completely ridiculous and she would let me know how she truly felt about it. It would be great if she cooks, or at least was open to the idea of cooking together.

And last (for now) but not least, she would be loyal above all else. If you’ve read any of my blog, you’ll completely understand this one.

I might revisit this topic one of these days. But for now, this will suffice. Oh! If you think you fit this by at least 80%, please don’t hesitate to fill out my Girlfriend Application! Put “RUSH” in the title of the email and I’ll respond within the hour!


About John Shue

Just a normal guy in pursuit of happiness.
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4 Responses to The perfect woman for me – my unicorn.

  1. muddymommy says:

    This is fun 🙂 Best of luck finding your special lady!

  2. There is no such thing as a perfect mate,regardless os sex. I love your girlfriend application, LOL!!!!!

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