Road Warrior: Day 1

Yesterday I came to Ohio to hang out with Amy from Spartan Race to help spread the Spartan Race love to the fine citizens of Ohio. Amy is the Spartan Race Manager for the Mississippi race; so she’s quite a ways from home. She’s also the Midwest Road Warrior for Spartan Race so one of her responsibilities is to help get people recruited for local races. That local race just so happens to be the Indiana Reebok Spartan Sprint in Laurel, IN – the race the Corn Fed Spartans demanded last year!

I arrived in Ohio too late in the evening to be able to help with any of the recruiting yesterday, but we arrived at the hotel and talked about the game plan for the next day. I have to admit, I was pretty excited to get out there and talk to people about the race that changed my life!

We got a later start this morning than normal because we didn’t want to fight with the traffic from the morning commute that was delayed because of the snow. Amy had already folded up several t-shirts that we were going to use as rewards for burpees when we visited CrossFit boxes around the area. We packed everything up in the car and headed out to our first stop.

I’m not sure if it was because of the weather, or if these places just didn’t open up in the morning, but several of the locations we visited were closed. Amy left a nice little “sorry we missed you” flier with her business card in the door and we headed to the next destination. We stopped in at CrossFit New Albany and we arrived just in time to catch a few people finishing up their WOD. Since CrossFitters are a crazy bunch, much like Spartans, we were easily able to talk several of them into doing burpees for beanies after we talked to them for a couple minutes about Spartan Race.
Burpees for beaniesAfter they finished their burpees and received their beanies, we talked to them for a little while longer and got them just as pumped about Spartan Races as we are. We’re hoping to see a team of them at the Indiana race on April 27th!!!

After leaving CrossFit New Albany we headed to CrossFit Future. We got pretty lucky and one of the owners was there doing a workout. Not only that, but his buddy, the owner of CrossFit Polaris, was there working out with him. We talked to them for several minutes and hooked them up with some beanies, t-shirts, and fliers.

Shortly after that, we stopped for lunch at Panera Bread. From there, we began some Spartan Race free-styling. We stopped at several different locations passing out fliers and beanies along the way. Some of the places we stopped included: Ohio Krav Maga and Fitness, Lablast Fitness, YWCA of Columbus, Beyond Limits Training, THE Ohio State Bookstore, Nutrition X, Finish Line, Foot Locker, National Guard Recruiting Station, and even Primal Tradition Tattoo.

Back at “Operational HQ”, Amy is finishing up some paperwork and we’re getting things set up for tomorrow. There are LOTS of people out there who still haven’t heard about Spartan Race, and we intend on changing that!


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