Decoding Women: Tying it all together

In this series; Decoding Women, I have outlined eight “negative” types of women and 12 “positive” types of women. That was not by accident. It was by complete design. I can’t begin to tell you how many messages I responded to from women who were upset with those first eight classifications. I’m guessing some chords were struck there. Otherwise, offense wouldn’t have been taken to begin with. Anyway, I have received even more messages about the 12 “positive” classifications. It’s rather interesting to me how people perceive themselves. Anyway, moving right along.

The other day I met up with Miss Quadruplor for some sushi. Lets call her “Miss Q” from here on out, as that’s much easier to type and say. Anyway, Miss Q and I were talking about things and one of the things that was brought up was women. It ties in perfectly with this series on Decoding Women, so I figured I would tell you about what we discussed.

Pack mentality.

I’m sure you’ve all at least heard of it. Everyone knows about women going to the restroom in groups. But lets take a closer look at how it applies to females and their thought process and decision making, shall we? Allow me to give you a for instance.

We have three couples here. Lets call them “Couple A”, “Couple B”, and “Couple C”. For this example, each couple includes one man and one woman. Couple A just recently started dating and everything is going great for them. They are totally and ridiculously in love. Couple B has been together for a few short years and while they still love each other, they do have their arguments and fights about certain things. Couple C, well, they’ve been together for several long and agonizing years.

All of the women from these couples plan on going out together one night for Girls Night Out 2013. All of the men do their own things. For this example it’s not important what the men are doing or if they are doing them together or individually. Lets get back to the women.

They decide to go out to a local bar and have some drinks. Woman A is so lustfully in love that she’s oozing out of the mouth to Woman B and Woman C about it. Woman C couldn’t be more disgusted because she’s tired of hearing about how in love Woman A is. This is mostly due to her relationship suffering and her not being happy in her own life. Woman C then lets Woman A and Woman B know about all the things that are wrong in her relationship and it starts to rub off on Woman A and Woman B. Woman B realizes that some of the things Woman C is saying are starting to kind of sound familiar and the more she thinks about it, the more it aggravates her. This wasn’t the case just a few short hours ago though! Now that Woman B has jumped on the man-hating bandwagon, Woman A is feeling the pressure to at least say she is experiencing some of the displeasing things. If for nothing else, so she can fit in.

Do you recognize the problem here? These negativity seeds were just spread from Woman C to Woman A and Woman B much like the seeds from a dandelion spread in the wind. Once those seeds are implanted, they are nurtured by different events that occur in the relationships and they grow. Causing problems between Couple A and Couple B.

All of this is because women – all women – are information collectors. They seek the opinions of just about everyone else around them before they can even begin to make a decision. Then, not only are they collecting that information to come up with a decision, they also allow that information that has been gathered to influence their decision. As you can see, this affects all 20 different classifications of women that I have outlined so far in this series. Now, I know what you’re thinking – “Not me…not this girl!” And you may well be right. There are, and will always be, exceptions to the rule. Again, if you find yourself thinking that, please take a moment and fill out my Girlfriend Application!

There you have it folks. My theory on women and their thought process and decision making. There are a few more intricacies involved, but for the most part I conclude that women allow the influence of others to steer their decisions far too often.


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