Mission: Man Meal

I woke up yesterday and for some reason I had a strong desire to consume some cheesy hotdogs. I hadn’t had hotdogs since about this time last year; and that was at a baseball game, so I figured now would be a great time to have a couple.

I posted about my craving on Facebook and within just a few minutes, I learned of something even better than cheesy dogs. It was brought to my attention that there was such a thing as jalapeno cheesy hotdogs! It was then that I made up my mind that I was going to embark on an epic journey to not only find these delicacies, but also purchase them, cook them, and devour them! Little did I know, it wasn’t going to be as simple as hitting up the local grocery store to purchase these things.

After obtaining my new found knowledge about the existence of these jalapeno cheesy dogs, I immediately got dressed and headed to our local grocery store; Kroger. Once I got there, I could hardly contain my excitement. I walked over to the chips aisle and picked up some of my favorite kettle cooked sea salt and vinegar potato chips then proceeded to the sauce aisle. It was suggested that I top these dogs with some hot sauce; excellent idea!

Upon entering the condiments aisle, I was completely bombarded with all the different brands and flavors. As I scoured the different hot sauces, I allowed the marketing prowess of the different sauce manufacturers to shine through. I looked for something that was appealing to my eye, then I read what kind it was. I ended up choosing a brand I knew and trusted, Tobasco. I opted for their smoked red jalapeno flavored hot sauce.

Next up, I needed to find the actual jalapeno cheesy dogs! I walked over to the meat cooler and began my search. Much like the hot sauces, there were several different brands and flavors of hotdogs. I stood there for several minutes, systematically looking at each package. Once I got to the last package, and hadn’t found the jalapeno cheesy dogs, I was extremely saddened. This adventure could come to an abrupt stop; quickly! In reverse order, I searched the hotdogs again, thinking perhaps I looked over the ones I wanted. I got back to the top and once again, no jalapeno cheesy dogs.

I decided to leave Kroger after purchasing the chips and the hot sauce and head over to Walmart. They have everything, right? Arriving at Walmart, I had high hopes. I walked straight over to the meat coolers and right up to the hotdog section. Halfway through my search I found them! Jalapeno cheesy dogs by Eckrich! At that point, I knew this mission was a huge success. I picked up some hotdog buns and practically ran up to the cash registers!

Man meal 3Prior to my trip to the grocery store, my buddy Zach had asked me if I wanted to go to his house to hang out. I told him that I was on a mission to get these jalapeno cheesy dogs and asked him if we could cook them at his place. He said we could do that, and he even took it one step further. He started preparing some jambalaya to eat with our jalapeno cheesy dogs!

Once I got to Zach’s, I could smell the jambalaya cooking and it made me even more hungry! I placed the hotdogs, buns, sauce, and chips on the counter and Zach fired up the grill. The only thing better than jalapeno cheesy dogs, is jalapeno cheesy dogs, GRILLED! It didn’t take long for the hotdogs to cook once they were put on the grill. It was just a matter of minutes before we were preparing our plates with buns, dogs, hot sauce, and some spicy mustard. And we also filled up our bowls with some jambalaya!

Mission: Man Meal was COMPLETE!

Man meal 4


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6 Responses to Mission: Man Meal

  1. Jess says:

    What do you like better? Jalapeño cheesy dogs or fried pickles? Just curious.

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