Check out what Brad has to say about the Fight For Air Climb at Regions Tower in Indy. I was supposed to be there for this one, but I got “stuck” in Florida. I’ll definitely be there next year though! Congratulations to all the Corn Fed finishers!

Run Brad Run


Today I got the opportunity to climb the Regions Tower in downtown Indy with a few of my Corn Fed Spartan teammates, Jenny Kakasuleff and Pat Dollard.  Also joining us on the trip up was Phil Commins.  I talked to Phil before we went up because he brought up the Indiana Spartan race.  He was excited to see our jerseys and I had to ask him if he wanted to be part of the greatest team in Obstacle Course racing…and of course he said yes!

So this type of race was a first for me.  And I truly have to admit I was nervous.  I had asked around and heard that the stairway gets dusty and of course breathing is difficult as you go up.  A Corn Fed Spartan suggested cough drops.  I would like to think her because I can only imagine how much coughing I would have done afterwards without…

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