SoFlo: A Quest For Fried Pickles

Tonight has been the best night I’ve had since arriving in Florida.

Earlier tonight I got a text from Chiara asking me what I was up to this evening. She said she couldn’t decide if she wanted to do something, or if she wanted to just call it a night. Mind you, this was around 6:30pm. Not exactly late at night. But we are down here in retirementville. I’m guessing she was feeling the effects of her surroundings. I told her we were far too young to be calling it an evening already; and I would Google the nightlife down here in southwest Florida.

Doing so produced some rather interesting results to say the least. I did stumble upon a comedy club on Marco Island that was featuring Drew Carey though. The Drew Carey! I shared my new found knowledge with Chiara and told her that Marco Island was about an hour south of us. Then I found a comedy club closer that had an act performing at 9:30pm. Chiara seemed to think that was awfully late to be going out – on a Saturday night. Lol! So I kept looking for things to do.

A short time later, she suggested we go get some ice cream. I had been wanting a Blizzard from DQ ever since I got here, but I hadn’t found a DQ nearby yet. She said she knew of one just down the road from us, so I told her we should go. She also suggested a couple other things; but we’ll get to that here in a minute.

She told me to come over and pick her up and she said to just come in when I got there. So that’s what I did. I walked up to the door and let myself in. In doing so, the door made a sound like a growling animal. She had heard the door growl and it apparently scared the bajesus out of her! As I was sitting there waiting for her, she came out of the bathroom and grabbed a bottle of something and took a drink. I said, “Ah, that must be your prune juice!”She grabbed her juice and we headed to DQ.

Upon arriving there and placing my order, I discovered my wallet had fallen out of my pocket at some point! Presumably when I was laying down trying to figure out what we were going to do this evening. Once I told Chiara that I didn’t have my wallet, we started laughing and she said, “Suuuuuure, I guess I’ll pay!” Score one for me – free ice cream! (Thanks again, Chiara!)

So as we were sitting there eating our wonderfully delicious Blizzards we decided that we were going to get some fried pickles afterwards. First we would need to drive back, get my wallet, then we could head out on our quest for some fried pickles! I Googled places to get fried pickles down here in southern Florida and I got a few results. We originally wanted to try them somewhere we hadn’t been before, but after several minutes of looking at the Google results we figured we’d just drive around until we found a place that looked like they sold fried pickles. Note: that probably wasn’t the best course of action, but it definitely made for a more interesting story for later and we had a lot more fun cruising around in search for pickles.

Operation wallet retrieval was a success, now we could begin our hunt for fried pickles. We drove all over the place looking for somewhere we thought would have them. We drove past a Hooters. They have them there, but we have Hooters back home. At one point we heard a radio DJ come on who was broadcasting live from a local bar. Once they said the name of the bar, we looked it up and got directions there. Even if they didn’t have fried pickles, that place was sure to be hopping!

We arrived outside of the bar where the radio DJ was, and immediately noticed that we were not dressed for the occasion. Chiara was rocking jeans and a hoodie and I had on shorts and a hoodie. This bar was full of guys wearing shit-kickers, tight jeans, flannel shirts; and the girls were all scantily clad. We decided that we would continue the quest for fried pickles elsewhere and maybe grab a drink. I Googled Bdubs (which doesn’t bring up what we needed.) So I Googled it under it’s official name; Buffalo Wild Wings, and it located one for us.

While we were on our way to Bdubs, we pulled up to a stoplight. At this stoplight, on foot, was a couple who had been enjoying some adult beverages. I’m not entirely sure what had transpired up to that point, but the fella, wearing an FBI shirt (I’m guessing it wasn’t the Bureau’s shirt), was being rather belligerent. At one point it appeared as if he was going to hit the girl. He didn’t. Instead he continued stumbling around, in the road, as she began walking away from him. She stopped and grabbed his hand and tried leading him to the other side of the road, but as they were crossing, he stopped in the middle and folded his arms as if he were pouting. She continued on to the other side of the road and he finally followed her. Once he was across the street, he decided that he needed a break and took a seat on the ground. Our light turned green and our quest continued.

fried picklesIt wasn’t too long before we arrived at Bdubs. At this point I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into some fried pickles! Out server took our drink order; Chiara ordered a strawberry daiquiri and I ordered a black cherry mojito. I let him know that all we wanted to eat was some fried pickles, so he put that order all in at the same time for us. Pickles were eaten, drinks were drank. Hey, Chiara – these are on me!

During our search for these pickles, we noticed an overabundance of tattoo shops in the area. Someone suggested I get a tattoo while I’m down here. On the way home we saw a few more tattoo shops. I may or may not return to Indiana with some new ink. That’s yet to be determined.


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3 Responses to SoFlo: A Quest For Fried Pickles

  1. Jess says:

    Maybe you can get a tattoo of a fried pickle ?? 😉

    • John Shue says:

      While that is a solid idea, and it would certainly be a constant reminder of the fun evening down here in Florida, I think I’ll refrain from having any food type tattoos forever inked anywhere on my body. 🙂 I’m guessing it would end up looking more like a booger anyway. That is NOT awesomesauce. It would be the exact opposite of awesomesauce actually…whatever that may be. Lamesauce?

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