Goodwill: Round 3

This past Friday, Zach and I found ourselves back at Goodwill. Once again shopping for things we could turn around and sell. It was a great day for some really solid finds too! Immediately upon entering the store we walked over to the first bin and I picked up a red box. Inside that box was a Bluetooth mini-camera called a Looxcie. This thing looked brand new, still in the box, never been used or anything. They retail for about $200.00 new. Right then we knew it was going to be a good day.

Goodwill 4A little while longer, while digging through the bins that had been there for the entire hour before we got there, I stumbled upon a 2nd generation iPod shuffle. These things still sell in the neighborhood of $30.00. At the Goodwill rate of $0.79 per pound, this iPod shuffle was purchased for $.03. That’s right, three cents! That, of course, is based on the spec weight that Apple provided of 0.55 ounces for this iPod shuffle. If given the opportunity, I’d buy these things for this price all day long! I found this at the bottom of one of the bins that had been sitting there for a while. It was covered up by several old VHS tapes that nobody even pays attention to anymore. Anyway, moving right along.

The bins were switched out and Zach and I began doing our primary searches. We scoured the bins for anything large and obvious. Picking up anything that appears to be in a new package and then sorting it out later. This stuff is ridiculously fast paced. There are people that come in from other countries looking to buy this stuff and take it home with them to either use for them and their families, or sell for a huge profit. I guess that just goes to show that one man’s trash, really is another man’s treasure!

After we did our primary searches, we then switched over into our secondary searches. I like to call this, “looking for smalls.” That’s when I take a little more organized approach and systematically go through the bins. While I’m doing this, I have to assert myself and let my presence be known to the other bin searchers. It’s not being rude, per se. It’s letting them know that you’re there and you can’t be bullied into moving for them. After all, you very well could be searching for the same items and same steals that they’re searching for!

Zach and I grabbed some chairs out of one of the bins and sat down to take a break with some of the Hispanic fellas who are regulars there. We were just watching the other people who were still searching the bins while we waited for them to be switched out again so we could search for more merchandise. At one point, I found a furry glove that looked like it belonged to part of a Halloween costume for a werewolf. It had gray fur that covered the wrist area and extended down to the hand. The fingers of the glove had some rubbery claws on it. I tried to put it on, but it was far to small to fit on my hand. A little bit later, after we were in line to check out, I glanced over to see an older gentleman wearing the glove! It was rather fitting. This bearded gent’s beard matched the furry part of the glove nearly perfectly! So I did what I would normally do – I took a picture!

Goodwill 3

When all was said and done, we found a great cart-full of items. We found the iPod shuffle, a Zune MP3 player, a couple of Maglites, the Looxcie, an Otterbox for an iPhone, a webcam, a wireless router, a couple Motorola radios, a tablet, a GameBoy game, a couple of teddy bears, some CDs and DVDs, a sweet guitar strap, a sound machine, another bag of K’nex, a Pampered Chef knife, an elephant, and some Anti Monkey Butt powder. Sorry, the Monkey Butt powder isn’t for sale, Zach is keeping that. Oh, and Zach also got a sweet foldout table that isn’t included in this picture. It was a $40.00 table that he got for $5.99.

Goodwill 1
Goodwill 2I’d estimate our haul at between $200-$300 resale value. Zach paid a whopping $22.59 for all of these great items. We only spent around three hours there. But really, three hours for a couple fellas who are unemployed, isn’t bad at all. It was either go shopping at Goodwill and find these amazing items, or we could have sat around watching reruns on Netflix all afternoon. Clearly this is the more lucrative option. While we’re probably never going to get rich off of doing this, it’s a good way to spend a few hours, meet new people, and pick up a few treasures along the way. I know I’m addicted to it. So much so that we’re planning another trip to Goodwill soon!


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