Friends: Gratitude and Dissapointments

I’ve written about my friends before. Back when I was going through my divorce I learned several things about the people we call friends. Not all friends are created equally; that part I already knew. I just wasn’t exactly sure how it applied to my friends. So what I did was I sat down and came up with 18 Classifications of Friends. I’m finding that blog particularly applicable once again. Going through yet another rough patch in life with this whole unemployment thing has opened my eyes as to which friends of mine fall into each category.

Not surprisingly, my friends are, for the most part, all really awesome people. For that I will always be grateful. I would not want to try to make it through life without friends. What does surprise me a little is how some of my friends have changed categories without me even really noticing. I guess that’s life though. People change because of outside influences. People change because of experiences they’ve lived through. That’s what makes all of this so fascinating to me. The evolution of people as we’re all in the pursuit of happiness.

I’ve had some amazing friends step up and help me, especially here recently. With my unemployment and the whole debacle with the IDWD and my unemployment benefits being denied, I’ve been trying to ration my money as best as possible. I’ve had some friends offer to pay for my meals or an evening out because they know I’ve got a lot on my mind and could use a break. I’ll never forget this and it will be paid forward once I’m able! I thank every one of you – you know who you are.

On the flip-side of that, I feel like I’ve lost some friends due to me being unable to go out with them all the time. Since I’m not able to freely spend money, they’ve stopped inviting me out to do things. And I completely understand that. Really, I do! I don’t expect anyone to pay my way for anything. What is unfortunate though, is I never even hear from them anymore. Now I know what you’re probably thinking, especially if you feel this applies to you. You’re thinking, “The phone works both ways!” And I understand that. So perhaps I’ll try to put forth more effort as well.

Even as I am writting this I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on life. I was supposed to be hanging out with some awesome people tonight. But as you might have guessed, I just can’t financially do it right now. So instead of going out and making memories with friends, tonight I am chronicling this part of my life, filling out more applications, and listening to some upbeat music in an attempt to get out of this funk I’m in. I’ve been accused of not being myself here lately. And I’m sure I haven’t been my normal spunky self. I blame it on my current state of affairs and some rather unfortunate circumstances. I’m sure I’ll be back to “normal” before too much longer. Until then, please bear with me. I promise the outcome will be worth it. Anyone who has stuck around and not given up on me will be pleased they did. To everyone who has given up on me; tsk tsk.


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2 Responses to Friends: Gratitude and Dissapointments

  1. pish posh to those who have given up on you. CHEERS to us broke folks … it doesn’t cost a penny to stop by for a visit when in the neighborhood, pick up a phone and call, send a text, and well what .42 to send a letter through the mail….with all the internet options there is no excuse to allow a friendship to dwindle away. With that being said … I can’t wait to win the lottery, this is a legal binding contract that if I win PROVES I will share with my friend, John Shue. You for sure have not been yourself lately, it’s understandable. Proof you are not yourself, I don’t get random odd texts anymore from you, you answers to my texts are short, and sometimes negative not your spunky sarcastic humor. And your blogs while I love to read recently have had a few minor :: grammatical errors. Example: xperiences they’ve lived though :: should say “through” just sayin oh and on the bear comment … I almost posted is it bare or bear. This one always confuses me. Hugs to you my friend.

    • John Shue says:

      Thanks, Keona. I’ve fixed the grammatical error too. That was a late night oversight. 😛 As for bare vs bear, bare means naked. Once I get back to my normal self, I’ll definitely keep in the back of my mind all the ones who have disappeared recently.

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