Laundry soap – best stuff ever!


How clean do your clothes REALLY get after a thorough washing? Well, until fairly recently, I thought my laundry detergent was doing a fine job.

One evening after doing a Spartan Race, I needed to clean the clothes I had worn during the race. I hosed them down to get the majority of the mud/dirt/sand/blood/etc. out of them, but they needed to be laundered. I threw them in the washing machine, added my Gain detergent like I had done hundreds of times before, and after they were finished, I pulled them out to find they were still pretty dingy. So, I washed them again. Same process as before, adding the Gain detergent and letting them go through an entire cycle. They still were not as clean as I had hoped.

My sister had some homemade laundry soap. It was pretty simple looking; a white powder with chunks of yellow stuff in it. I put a little scoop of this stuff in a wash cycle and once they were finished, I pulled my Corn Fed Spartans jersey out and the white was WHITE again! Much whiter than it was with just the Gain detergent. I used this concoction after other races with great results. That leads me to this post. How to make your own amazing laundry soap!


The ingredients are really simple and fairly inexpensive. I’m not sure exactly how many loads this will wash, but I purchased all of these products for under $20. What you see here is a 4lb 12oz box of Borax, a 4lb box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, a 3lb 7oz box of Super Washing Soda, 3 bars of Fels-Naptha soap and a container of Oxi Clean (optional.)


I lined a 5 gallon bucket with a trash bag to mix all the above products in. The trash bag will allow for easy removal of the finished laundry soap and it keeps things nice and clean.


Pour a little of the borax, baking soda, and the super washing soda into the bucket. Then take one of the bars of soap and grate it. I used the small area of the grater, but you can use the larger section if you’d like. This is by far the worst part of this entire production.


You’ll definitely want a dedicated grater to use for this, especially if you plan on doing this more than just once. I wouldn’t recommend using your kitchen cheese grater with this soap, your cheese might taste funny later.


After grating one of the bars of soap, add some of the super washing soda.


Add some borax.


Add some baking soda.


Add some of the Oxi Clean (if you’ve chosen to add it.) After you’ve added these ingredients, stir them up thoroughly, then repeat each step until all three bars of soap and the entire contents of all the products are added to your bucket. Make sure to stir it regularly during the process otherwise it’ll be a pain to get everything mixed evenly.


I placed the finished product into a couple of plastic containers with screw on lids. Just a little scoop in each load of laundry will keep things looking and smelling laundry fresh!


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13 Responses to Laundry soap – best stuff ever!

  1. I believe that you should actually keep track of how many loads of laundry you do with one container and calculate the cost per load. 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    It does a lot of loads! I’m not sure exactly how many, but it’s a BUNCH! The first batch lasted me probably 6 months or more.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Can This be used in an HE machine?

    • John Shue says:

      Tiffany, this laundry soap is safe for use in HE machines. I would just make sure the bars are grated using the small side of the grater like I did in this tutorial.

  4. Can you use this in front loading machines?

  5. Irene says:

    I have a large washer. Would I still use the same amounts of washing powder you mentioned above? (1 tsp or 1 Tbl)

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