AdvoCare and the 24 Day Challenge

     AdvoCare.  I had heard this word before but never gave it much thought.  Since I hadn’t really thought about it, I never even thought to inquire about it.  It seems here lately I was hearing more and more people talking about “Spark” and how it was an AdvoCare product that they really enjoyed.  You can say it “sparked” my interest.  I heard a couple people telling others about how they had lost quite a bit of weight and how they felt amazing after this thing called the 24 Day Challenge.

     I had been doing P90X for a little more than a month and a half and had been having really great results with that.  Even though I had been doing the workouts like I was supposed to, and eating right, I felt as if I could be obtaining even better results somehow.  I was talking about all of this with my friend Jason one night, and after telling me about the products a little bit, he suggested that I go with him to Rustin’s house for a mixer and go from there.  I was already pretty sure that I wanted to at least give the products a try at that point.  After attending the mixer at Rustin’s I was certain that I wanted to try them now!  A couple days passed and once I got my paycheck, I spent the money on the 24 Day Challenge along with some Catalyst.  It was at that point that I also decided to become a distributor of the products for a few reasons.  One of the main reasons was because I wanted the discount that comes along with distributorship.  Another reason is because I really enjoy helping others get healthy and I love to see other people succeed!  It just seemed like a natural fit.

     The initial cost, for most, is kind of expensive.  Once they hear the price they quickly balk at the idea of even starting anything like this.  But let me tell you, if you’re serious about getting healthy and you really want to start eating right, lose weight, feel more energetic, and be more focused, you’ll make the “sacrifice” it’s going to take to get this product in your hands.  For less than what most people spend on fast food in one day, you can purchase these products.  The 24 Day Challenge alone is under $8 per day!  I know that I was personally spending more than that every time I went out to eat at McDonald’s.  And if I wanted to go somewhere like Arby’s, I could almost double that, and that’s per meal!

     I’m not going to sit here and tell you that these are magic pills and drinks and that just by taking these you’re going to drop 50 pounds.  That’s not going to happen.  Like I said earlier, I’ve been doing P90X and eating right for quite some time now.  These supplements fit perfectly into what I was already doing.  With the results I’m seeing so far, I think the products are extremely impressive! If you’re not already on a workout regimen or a healthy diet, adding those two things alone would obviously get you started in the right direction.  What these products can offer you is a jump start to a healthy lifestyle!  The investment in yourself is worth any amount of money you might spend on the AdvoCare products.


About John Shue

Just a normal guy in pursuit of happiness.
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