P90X – 60 Days Into It

Today marks the 60th day for me and the P90X program.  Sixty days sounds like a long time to do something like this but if you really think about it, it’s more than just an exercise routine that I’ve been doing for the past two months.  I have completely changed my lifestyle, thanks largely in part to The X.  Gone are the days of eating fast food for two of my three meals a day.  Gone are the days of me sleeping as much as I could just so I wouldn’t be tired for my 12 hour shifts at work.  Those old days were traded for days of a healthier me.  Traded for days of a more active self that I absolutely love!

What is different between day 60 and day one you might ask?  Let me tell you…A LOT!  While I still have not “mastered” all of the exercise routines, I do have a very good grasp on all of them at this point (yes, even the Yoga X!)  I no longer have to wait for Mr. Horton and his team to show me what the next exercise looks like.  As soon as I see the description pop up, I know exactly what I need to do and what my target is going to be.  Another great thing is, now I can keep up with the Ab Ripper X video.  That was one of my goals in the beginning because so many people I know have said that the Ab Ripper X is one of the best ab workouts they had ever tried.

One thing I’ve done that I said I wouldn’t do is weigh myself.  I didn’t want to put a number in my head that could possibly discourage myself, but I did it anyway.  Before I started P90X, I was weighing in at 225 lbs.  Five days ago I weighed myself (for something that is somewhat related – I’ll write about it in another week or so) and I weighed 238 lbs.  I know for a fact that I’ve gained some muscle mass over these past two months, so that number isn’t too horrible for me personally.  Having said that, I do want to drop some pounds and I’ve already embarked on that journey as well! 🙂

So to wrap things up, I still have quite a ways to go before I hit all of my goals.  I have 30 more days of this round of P90X to try to get as much out of it as I can though.  I feel pretty confidant that with my level of commitment I’ll be able to reach most of the goals I set for myself when I very first started this journey!  Here’s to the next 30 days…and beyond!


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2 Responses to P90X – 60 Days Into It

  1. Love your commitment. Keep it up!

  2. Shue says:

    Thanks Nathan! I've had a great support system that's helped me through some of the early days. Back when I didn't want to drag myself out of bed an hour early just to do this. Now it's just like second nature!

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