Spin X – Or at least that’s what I’m calling it!

It is no secret that I’ve been doing P90X for awhile now.  Actually, I have completed 55 of the 90 days so far.  While I am no fitness expert, I do consider myself to be in fairly decent physical condition.  With that said, I know for a fact I have lots of room for improvement.  No where was that more evident than at a spin class I attended yesterday morning.

Each day that I do P90X, I update my Facebook status along with my Twitter account saying what day I’m on and what disc I’m doing that day.  I do this as a way to kind of hold myself accountable as well as an easy way to keep track of where I am in the program.  Some people have grown tired of seeing me update my status every day with another P90X update, but I’m ok with that.  Other people have shown me a great deal of support and have offered words of encouragement.  The other day (P90X day 52) one of my friends, Carrie, commented on my status.  She was taunting me, telling me to allow her to beat me at this spin class of hers.  She had made comments about me attending one of these spin classes before and I just kind of shrugged it off thinking to myself “Really?  I’m doing P90X, what could a spin class possibly offer me?”  I have never been choked more by my own words!

On that same post where Carrie was taunting me, I got some more information from her about the class and found out that there was one early in the morning where I would be able to attend.  I’ve always said that I will try almost anything twice…since I might not like it the first time, and this was no different.  I figured what the heck, I might as well give it a go.  The worst thing that would happen would be I get to the spin class and look like an idiot.  The class was to begin at 8:30am and I got there about 10 minutes prior to that.  Carrie introduced me to Amanda and I let her know that I had never been to any kind of spin class before, so I was affectionately dubbed a “spin virgin.”

Amanda set me up with a bike, and strapped my feet onto the pedals (which I later found out was for a GOOD reason!)  Carrie and Amanda gave me a quick rundown of all the different moves that would be utilized during the class.  I was shocked at how many different things a person could do on a bike while spinning!  For instance – push ups.  On a bike.  Seriously?  Yes, they were serious.  A few short minutes later several other ladies joined in, mounted up, and were ready for class to begin.  At this point, I was getting a little more nervous about what I had gotten myself into.

And we began!  Amanda put on some tunes.  Upbeat early 2000’s music.  Some good Jermaine Dupri type stuff.  And we were spinning.  That’s when the nice lady I had met a few short minutes prior turned into a totally different person.  She had her game face on, instructing us on what to do, when to do it and at what speed to do it.  My quads were burning within the first few minutes of this forty-five minute class!  Even though I was trying to pace myself, there were things that I simply could NOT do.  I was thinking to myself “I’ve been doing P90X…I shouldn’t be this tired already!”  As Amanda instructed us to do different things at different times, I tried my hardest to keep up, but there were times where I had to sit down and just spin.

Fast forward to the end of the class. We’re all sitting there on our bikes still spinning, but at a MUCH slower pace, I towel off my head, face, and neck areas.  This has been one of the best cardio workouts I have ever engaged in, and I didn’t even do all the “moves”!  Carrie looks over at me and says that I did a great job.  I read between the lines and got “You did a great job…for a guy!” Just kidding, Carrie!  Everyone dismounted and did a few stretches.  Amanda and Carrie warned me to be careful getting off the bike and they couldn’t have been more right!  Stepping off the bike onto the floor, it felt like my torso was trying to rest on a couple of wet noodles.  My legs were on FIRE!  I say “were” as in past tense, but right now, as I’m typing this, my legs are still sore!  Not only can I feel every fiber in my quads and calves, but my butt feels like it is covered by one ginormous bruise!

So yeah, finishing up the class, Carrie asked me if I was going to be coming back for another class.  I answered with a very assertive “NO way!”  But as time passed, and I thought about the “good pain” that I was feeling, I realized that this spin class would be a very good supplement to P90X.  I’m not sure exactly when I would fit it in, certainly not on legs day, but it definitely needs worked in somewhere.  Speaking of P90X, I originally thought about skipping yesterdays workout altogether.  After all, it was Yoga X and I hate Yoga X.  That is until one of my followers on Twitter (who is a Beachbody coach) shared a couple of videos with me.

Here are the videos that were shared with me.  The first is Tony Horton, of P90X fame, telling us his thoughts on Yoga X.  The second is a video about wanting to succeed.

You see, after watching those two videos I realized that in order to obtain the results I’m after, I’m going to have to WANT it just as much as I want to breathe!  Even if that means doing Yoga X instead of sleeping!  So, back at the Shue Ranch, I decided that since I was already all sweaty and nasty from spin class, I might as well go ahead and knock out a little hour and a half session of Yoga X.  Once I was finished with Yoga X, I had to crawl up my stairs to get to my bedroom because my legs, butt and back were hurting so bad from spin class and now the added work that I just put in with Yoga X.  But it was worth every single nanosecond of time put into it!

To wrap this entry up, I just want to thank Carrie for being so persistent about getting me into a spin class.  I also want to thank Amanda for allowing me to take part in her class and for making me do things I’ve never done before.  And I want to say, to all the other ladies in that class (as well as any men who take that class on a regular basis), you have my utmost respect.  That spin class, that I’ve now dubbed “Spin X”, is definitely not the walk in the park I had originally envisioned it to be!


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One Response to Spin X – Or at least that’s what I’m calling it!

  1. Amber says:

    Good for you! I took some spin classes at LSF…. it kills! I'm gonna get in better shape before I start that class at the Y.

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