P90X – 30 Days Into It

It’s been 30 days since I committed myself to this exercise program.  So far I’m in love with it!  I actually look forward to getting my workouts in now!  I’ve noticed so many positive changes thanks in large part to this program.  For instance, my clothes are fitting a lot better nowadays.  I’ve not been keeping track of my weight in pounds, as I don’t want to be discouraged by the number I see (or don’t see) on the scale.  Instead I’ve been tracking my progress by how my clothes fit and how I feel overall.  I’ve dropped two pants sizes since beginning P90X.  Luckily I had some of my old jeans tucked away in my closet for such a day.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to drop at least one more pants size before I complete the program.

I’m also feeling more energetic overall.  I’ve cleaned up my eating habits quite a bit as well.  I have cut out all fast food.  No more McDiet for this guy!  When I do eat out at a restaurant, I try to get something healthy (think grilled, not fried.)  That’s not to say that I don’t eat any fried food anymore.  I enjoy me some good fried chicken wings on occasion!  Another thing I’ve done is reduced my portion size.  Portion control is huge in the game of weight loss.  When eating out, restaurants oftentimes give you VERY generous portions, sometimes enough for at least a couple of people.  When that happens I try to leave some on the plate.  It’s a great feeling knowing that you have enough willpower to leave some food on your plate and still feel full, without being overly full.

I have not reached my ultimate goal just yet.  I would like to reveal my six pack abs that have been residing under a layer of goosh for far too long.  From what I’ve seen of the P90X program thus far though, I have faith that I’ll be able to reach that goal by the 90th day!  And if not, there’s more time after that! I can’t wait to see what the next 60 days brings!


About John Shue

Just a normal guy in pursuit of happiness.
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