Turning point – catching you up to speed

It’s been awhile since we last got together for a good story telling.  Up to this point you’ve been introduced to some key characters in my life story.  You’ve got a feel for how I think and how I feel about my current situation.  Which by the way is still a “situation.”  The divorce still isn’t final yet and I’m still residing at the Shue Ranch (for now.)  I guess you could say things are still kind of in a holding pattern of sorts.  This little lull in my life I’ve taken the time to step back and look at the big picture.  Getting things refocused.  I’ve become enlightened about several things thanks to a great friend.  With my new found knowledge I plan to do BIG things.  So this is definitely the point at which you should be jumping on board the John Shue bandwagon if you’re not already there.  Simply because once everything starts falling into place, I’m going to remember those who’ve helped me, those who’ve hurt me, and those who said I couldn’t do it.

I’ve been reconnecting with some old friends and I’m hoping to continue building on those friendships.  I’ve also strengthened some other existing friendships.  Things are really starting to look up for this guy.  I knew they would eventually, I just wasn’t sure exactly when things would start going my way.  I still have some obstacles to overcome, but I’m sure that I’m well equipped now to handle ANY obstacle that may present itself.

I’m finding it easier and easier to do things on my own; which is something I never thought was going to be possible again.  I just hope I don’t get to the point where I’d rather do things alone all the time as opposed to doing things with friends!  This past weekend I even went down to Louisville by myself.  Originally I had asked a few friends if they’d go watch a baseball game with me, but each of them had something come up and couldn’t make it.  I wasn’t about to let that stop me though.  I wanted to watch a baseball game and the Indianapolis Indians weren’t playing in town.  So I decided to make the trek down to Louisville to watch the Bats play at Louisville Slugger Stadium.  I’m glad I did!  Before the game I stopped in at Hooters (imagine that, right?) to grab a bite to eat.  I met some new friends while I was down there which is something I probably normally wouldn’t do.  Thanks again for showing me a great time and for reminding me what “southern hospitality” was all about!

Anyway, that pretty much sums up the past couple of months of my life.  I’m sure I’ll find more to write about, I’ve always got something running through my mind.  I’m sure that I’ll also have more stories to share from some of the activities that my friends and I find ourselves participating in.  I’m planning on going to some more baseball games this summer, perhaps I’ll write about those journeys.  I might even enlighten you with some of my theological ideas.  I’m planning on moving from the Shue Ranch soon, so I’m sure I’ll write something about that as well.  Stay tuned for more…things are about to get fun!


About John Shue

Just a normal guy in pursuit of happiness.
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One Response to Turning point – catching you up to speed

  1. Keona says:

    about to get FUN John? I am disappointed to not be reading about our trip with Evan to the Indians game, our adventure of fixing up Eians room, or the Chinese Dorito Star…….but, you are one busy man so I will wait patiently to read these one day & if not I can always just kick you in the kidneys. So glad to see you up and running this blog again. Keep it up, it's easy reading for me because I can relate. I told you, eventually you'd be fine with doing things alone.

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