Character Introduction: Friends

I’ve tossed the idea around in my head quite a bit lately about how to introduce you to all of my friends.  I couldn’t decide if I should introduce them one-by-one in their own entries, or if I should introduce them in one or two larger posts, so as not to string the introductions out for too long.  I’ve decided that I will introduce my friends in a couple of entries.  I will write a little about how I met these friends, perhaps share a funny or otherwise meaningful story, and then let you know how they’ve influenced my life.  I’m not sure what the best way is to go about introducing everyone, but I figure I will try to list them alphabetically by first name.

Amanda –  I met Amanda back in high school.  She and Lindsay were really good friends and even roommates at one point in our lives.
Back in school Amanda and I were friends, but it wasn’t until recently that our friendship meant more, at least to me.  You see, one night, when I was sitting at home all by myself with nothing but my thoughts, I received a seemingly random text message from Amanda.  It was a simple message asking how my life was.  Just moments before receiving her message though, I was sitting there thinking to myself about how things in my life seemed meaningless.  I let Amanda know kind of what was going on, without divulging too many details.  At that point, not very many people knew what was going on with my current situation.  Amanda offered words of encouragement and reminded me that there was more to life than what was sitting right in front of me; which at the time was nothing but memories.  Amanda provided me with light in a time of great darkness.  We’ve since had several more talks about things.

Jennifer – Jennifer is another friend from high school.  At that time she was dating one of my best friends.  We never really got to know one another until after school oddly enough.
Jennifer is one of my friends who I can talk to about a lot of things.  She has been there for me all hours of the night, keeping me company via text messages or on facebook.  We’ve shared some laughs as well as some rather insightful things about the Bible.  I’m not sure what I would have done some nights while I sat in my house all alone if it wasn’t for the conversations we shared.

Keona – I met Keona while working at the Sheriff’s Office.  The Sheriff’s Office has been a source of many friendships over the years, for reasons I’ve already covered, and it just seems that Keona and I hit it off right from the start.
Keona is the kind of friend who could use her own blog entry…there is so much I could say about her as a friend!  Keona has had a lot of life experiences, and since she’s had those experiences, she has been gracious enough to share those with me.  She has been a source of excellent advice for me, wanting me to learn from her experiences and her mistakes to avoid any heartaches or headaches along this journey.  Keona always seems to know what’s going on with her friends, even if they aren’t telling her the entire story.  She is the kind of friend who can cut through the facade like a hot knife through butter.  She is another one of my friends who, when I was at my weakest, was there for me to support me.  She has definitely been a pillar of strength for me.  She is a perfect example of the type of “neighbor” the Bible talks about.  When I needed a place to stay, she opened her home to me.  When I was hungry, she fed me.  None of this will ever be forgotten!

Noah – I met Noah at the Sheriff’s Office as well.  Though it wasn’t a conventional meeting, it was one that I don’t believe happened by chance.
Noah is one of those rare friends.  The kind that you can go for months without talking to, yet pick right up where the conversation ended last time you two talked.  Noah and I have had many thought provoking conversations.  We think a lot alike on several things.  Noah is one of those guys who can keep me thinking throughout the entire conversation, a match of wits if you will.  Over the years that I’ve known Noah, he has certainly offered me some sound advice.  Not only advice, but also words of encouragement.

Scott – Scott and I met, well I don’t recall when or where we met exactly.  But I’m sure it was at a family function of some sort.  Scott is Amber’s cousin’s boyfriend (basically husband!)
Scott has provided me with endless hours of laughs and otherwise good times.  We’re bros, and that friendship runs really deep.  Scott has been there for me numerous times especially here lately.  Whenever I’ve needed help with a project, or if I just wanted to participate in activities, he’s been someone I could count on.  Watching hours worth of movies or television shows is something we both enjoy and we both excel at, so we do that quite a bit.  Scott has been a listening ear when I’ve needed someone to vent to, and since he’s a bro, I know I can trust him with anything I have to say.

Tyler – Another great friend that is the product of working at the Sheriff’s Office.  Tyler and I worked together for several years, literally trusting one another with our lives in each other’s hands.
Tyler brings a lot to the friendship table.  At one point in our lives, we were even roommates.  Tyler is another one of those rare friends.  We’ve literally gone months without much communication, however when we talk, it’s like we pick up right where we left off.  Tyler has strong faith in God too.  And that has come in handy several times.  Just seeing his facebook status updates sometimes is enough to keep me going.

There are several friends of mine that I have not mentioned in this entry.  It is not because I did not think of you while writing this, nor is it because I do not appreciate you and the things you’ve done for me.  Along the way there will be more stories to share, more friends to introduce and more lessons to learn.  Each of the friends that I have introduced here, we have many stories that can be told.  Many stories that have ultimately shaped me into the person I am today.  I would like to thank each of you for being my friend!  I will be forever grateful for our friendships!  May we share many more memories and share many more stories!

A rather fitting Bible verse here would be from Proverbs.  Chapter 18, verse 24:

“A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” – Proverbs 18:24

The friends I have introduced here, are the ones who have stuck with me closer than a brother (or sister.)  There are some people whom we consider “friends” who are actually nothing more than acquaintances.  Nowhere is that more evident than on social networking sites.  I’m proud to say that I have only a few friends, because the few I have – are the best in the world!


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